Define Your Value Gem

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo de Vinci WHAT IS THAT ONE UNIQUE AND COMPELLING DETAIL that makes your business special to customers? Can you describe it succinctly and consistently? Most small business owners can list several things that make their business special. The experts on their team, an innovative product, the caliber of their […] Read More

Get Your Processes Under Control

I CONDUCTED A SURVEY with over 500 entrepreneurs asking "What area are you struggling with the most in your business right now?"  The overwhelming response was "process management"!  Due to this response, I want to share with you the first step in getting your processes under control: Process Mapping. I've used process mapping as part of every project and client I’ve worked with […] Read More

Align Your Team to Get Results

 “Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” —Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, Built to Last EVERYTHING IN YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD BE AIMED AT DELIVERING VALUE. If your people are not focused on creating value constantly, then their outputs are likely to miss the mark and create variance. This variance adds up to diminished value to […] Read More

How do you know if you’re delivering Value?

 “What gets measured gets improved” -Peter Drucker, management guru MEASUREMENT IS VITAL TO BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, especially for businesses who plan to grow and continuously improve. Yet it can be overwhelming to decide what to measure and when. We want to help you by breaking it down and making it easy to put measures into place for your business. In […] Read More

Differentiate Yourself From Competition

TO STAND OUT OVER COMPETITORS, you must be clear on how to differentiate yourself. Differentiation is how you set yourself apart from competition - not from your perspective, but from your customers’ perspective. It is a critical mistake when business owners define their differentiation on what they think their competitive advantage is, not on what […] Read More

Focus on Adding Value

Delivering value to customers is the reason ANY business exists. When your business provides products or services that give your customers an opportunity to accomplish their goals, they receive value. When your business adds true value, customers are willing to pay for that value. They also come back for more, follow your company’s website, blogs […] Read More