We offer different levels of services based on your performance optimization needs.

By combining science with strategy in everything we do, we help you get the business results you want.

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If you would benefit from private mentorship and expert guidance in your performance improvement efforts, we’re here to help! We’ll work with you to:

  • Customize a strategy to build your value
  • Design systems and processes to increase your effectiveness
  • Find opportunities to address your pressing business needs
  • Develop targeted business metrics to guide your future
  • Follow-through on your strategy

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System & Process Mapping

We create maps that serve as your foundation to regularly return to stay focused and aligned. Throughout the mapping process we’ll outline your current reality and your desired state to help you identify and remove barriers. In addition to your custom maps, you will receive a plan for addressing gaps and acting on your most business critical opportunities. Many of our clients post large copies of their maps in their meeting space as a kind of organizational GPS to guide their ongoing team decision-making.

Performance Design

We design innovative performance solutions based firmly in behavioral science that click into your strategy, culture and value proposition. Our experienced experts work closely with your team to develop the perfect solution to address your performance improvement goal. We support what we build with roll out plans and troubleshooting to ensure success.

Examples of solutions we’ve delivered to our clients include:

  • Change management programs
  • Performance measurement and management systems
  • Coaching and feedback processes and tools
  • Performance based training
  • Statements of Work (SOW) to contract and manage vendors
  • Accountability plans
  • Job models for hiring, coaching, and development

Performance Improvement Processes

Our experienced experts have used behavioral science to develop unique in-person facilitation, training, and coaching processes that have been tested and refined. We have embedded the Performance Blueprints Tools into our Performance Improvement Processes to not only solve pressing problems but also teach your people how to use the tools in their daily work to continuously improve their workflows, coordination with other functions, and results.

We offer four types of facilitated processes that we customize to your business needs and culture:

Strategy Planned

Performance Engineered

Leadership Refined

Employees Linked

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Who are our Clients?

Those who want to make their business more effective and profitable

  • “I need to understand everything that can impact my business”
  • “I need to know where we have inefficiencies and opportunities”
  • “Who are my key performers and how do I remove the barriers to their success?”

Those who work inside the organization

  • “How does my organizational initiative fit into the whole organization? What areas are impacted?”
  • “What are the disconnects that I can identify and fix?”
  • “How do I create buy-in with key positions?”

Those who want to transform their organization

  • “How can we create a competitive advantage? How are we going to survive? Competition is crushing us.”
  • “How can we do something new that gives us an edge?”
  • “Which jobs do we need to redesign and how?”

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