We offer different levels of services based on your performance optimization needs.

By combining science with strategy in everything we do, we help you get the business results you want.

Level I: Streamline your System and Processes

Do you need help managing complexity? Dr. Lori Ludwig specializes in creating customized blueprints to help you strategically manage your business. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • STRATEGY MAP: The big picture view of your business with measurable strategies to help you grow and differentiate your business.
  • TACTICS MAP: The cross-functional process view of your entire value chain with a prioritized action plan to increase efficiency, quality and optimize the customer experience.
  • MANAGEMENT GUIDEBOOK: A comprehensive tool to help you manage your business and execute your strategy swiftly.

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Level II: Optimize Team Performance

We design performance-based learning programs based firmly in behavioral science that click into your strategy, culture and value proposition. We help you focus on the most critical behaviors to achieve goals, reduce variance in critical tasks, increase quality and improve team communication. We support what we build with roll out plans, measurement tools and performance management tools.

Level III: Build In-House Performance Improvement Teams

We teach your people how to continuously improve their workflows, coordinate with other functions, and get results. We offer four types of processes that we customize to your business needs and culture:

Strategy Planned

Performance Engineered

Leadership Refined

Employees Linked

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Who are our Clients?

Those who want to make their organization more effective, efficient and profitable

  • “How can we partner with others to make a greater impact on the community?”
  • “How do I systematize our business so that I can do less of the daily work and get other employees trained to do the work well and efficiently?
  • “How do we become more profitable?”
  • “How do we automate our process as much as possible?”
  • “How do we streamline our operations and create a working operations template for employees to reference?”
  • “How do we keep our customers happy and engaged to build our core revenue?”
  • “How can we create a competitive advantage?”

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