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Value Core Blueprint: A 3-Week Coaching Program

In this 3-week program you will build a strategic roadmap for growing your business. We’ve broken the strategic planning process down into a step-by-step guide for you to build a solid foundation for your business focused on adding value to your customers. You will arrive at insights about your business quickly and complete a core strategy to guide your team. Your Value Core Blueprint serves as a comprehensive action plan to keep you focused on executing your vision and improving customer satisfaction, teamwork and revenue.

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Performance Analysis Tools

These tools provide step-by-step instructions to help you sort through organizational complexity and find where to focus your efforts to add the most value and get the greatest return. You pick which tool you need when you need it.

There are six tools:


Turn your vision into a competitive strategy for your business. Set a mission-driven direction for your entire organization. Use this tool when building a new business or when planning a growth strategy for your existing business.

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Organization Analysis

Align your resources to add value in your market. Analyze how your organization adapts to challenges and opportunities offered by its market environment. Use this tool to focus improvement efforts to deliver better programs, products or services to your customers.

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Functional Relationships

Help internal teams and vendors work together to achieve business goals. Identify disconnects across your organization’s functions and improve how you communicate, measure and manage cross-functional relationships. Use this tool anytime – it is where the largest opportunities are discovered.

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Process Mapping

Optimize your workflow to decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction. Analyze and redesign your current workflow to improve efficiency and coordination to produce results. Use this tool to get your processes under control so everyone involved knows what they are accountable for.

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Job Management

Provide your people the support needed to perform to their highest potential. Specify what employees need to perform at their job and how the system can support their success. Use this tool to manage job performance and troubleshoot issues quickly.

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Behavior Change

Increase performance by reinforcing the most value-adding behaviors of your people. Pinpoint the critical behaviors that have the most impact on your business. Use this tool to get the most out of your people.

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Entire Toolkit

Design your entire business to survive and thrive. Get the bundle of six tools that can be used individually to target specific performance or collectively, for a comprehensive blueprint for your business.

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Why Our Tools Work

Our tools help you ask the right questions and focus on areas of your business that create the most value-adding results.

You’ll arrive at new insights and comprehensive action plans to stay focused on what needs to get done to succeed.

You get the results of a high-priced consultant at a price a small business can afford.

You can complete tools at your own pace, with as much support as you want (Discussion Forum, Workshops, Coaching, or Custom Design Services).

You can use the tools over and over again as different parts of your business need attention.

Our community is full of passionate entrepreneurs who want to optimize performance in their organization. We are constantly learning from them and refining our tools to bring the greatest possible innovations in Behavioral Systems Analysis to the world.

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